Presentation to a Sustrans Regional Behaviour Change & Engagement Team

I had a good time with one of Sustrans’ behaviour change and engagement teams earlier this week, discussing inclusive cycling and helping them have a think about what they could do to be even more inclusive.

In preparation, I discovered about 50% of Disabled people in towns and cities cycle or would like to do so. If they could all have the opportunity to cycle it would have a major impact on their wellbeing as well as the NHS.


We covered reasons for cycling e.g. it can be easier than walking, and barriers to cycling e.g. not knowing that cycling is possible. I showed some of the different cycles available and the impact they had on the cyclists. We also looked  at non-Disabled people’s perceived benefits and concerns of participating in activities with Disabled people (thank you ActivityAlliance for your research) and watched Warwick Davies and others tell us about their awkward moments (thank you Scope, and also for your tips on things not to do when working with Disabled people).

Here are the slides (beware, being full of images, they are 17.4 MB). Enjoy!

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