I’ve now passed my occupational therapy degree, securing a first from Sheffield Hallam University. During my time there I promoted the benefits of inclusive cycling to health professionals, including possibly the first lecture on inclusive cycling for a British university.

I’ve been involved in supporting people to cycle since the early noughties, but have been cycling to work and for leisure since the mid-90s. I’ve holidayed by bike in the UK, France, Spain, Slovenia and Albania, independently and as part of an organised group. I founded Wheels for Wellbeing, an organisation to support Disabled people to cycle, in 2007; it is now increasingly seen as the voice of Disabled cyclists.

I have since volunteered with Sheffield Cycling 4 All, helping establish sessions for people post stroke, partly through creating a dialogue with the NHS and local stroke groups. Together with Sheffield Cycling 4 All, I continue to help raise awareness of health and sports & exercise medicine students & professionals at various events, both at regional and national level.

Please send me your queries or stories so we can learn, share  and make cycling possible for more people.

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