Cycle-mad David’s life went full circle

When David Watts sustained a major stroke at the age of 74, it looked like his cycling days were finally over. Even into his 70s he was regularly out on his bike, cycling up to 20,000 miles a year. But after his stroke in 2013 he experienced significant difficulties including dysphagia, right-side paralysis, neuropathic pain… Continue reading Cycle-mad David’s life went full circle

When I’m out on my trike I am not disabled – Steve, post stroke

Steve enjoying the sunshine in the Peak District.

In 2010, Steve sustained had a stroke aged 49, paralysing his right side and affecting his speech. After 12 weeks of rehabilitation he managed to restore the function of his arm and his speech but restoring his full leg function proved more difficult. At about 12 weeks, Steve’s rehabilitation plateaued but he continued exercising as his… Continue reading When I’m out on my trike I am not disabled – Steve, post stroke