Inclusive cycling news from the Bike Expo 2019

Yesterday I headed to Harrogate to the Bike Expo Yorkshire to keep myself up-to-speed on inclusive cycling.  I met cycle retailers from Doncaster, Cuddington and York (all Ice Trike retailers) plus one from Chesterfield (an e-bike specialist), and discovered a Disabled-people led organisation, Experience Community, which organises trips to the countryside for wheelchair users, handcyclists… Continue reading Inclusive cycling news from the Bike Expo 2019

Find your nearest inclusive cycling hub

There are over 50 inclusive cycling hubs in the UK. Here's the best information at the moment. Outside London London And for people with visual impairments, try Metroblindsports. Enjoy!

Getting started with inclusive cycling

I’ve produced a getting started guide to inclusive cycling for allied health professionals, with links to websites which can help you find your nearest hub and campaigning group. You can download it here. You can download it here.