Find your nearest inclusive cycling hub

There are over 50 inclusive cycling hubs in the UK. Here's the best information at the moment. Outside London London And for people with visual impairments, try Metroblindsports. Enjoy!

Invite me to speak to your team

With more than 40 inclusive cycling hubs in the UK, your team may be missing out on a useful resource for patients. The benefits of inclusive cycling include: wellbeing opportunitiespotential for developing motor, cognitive, sensory and perceptual skillscycling is easier than walking for somea contribution to Make Every Contact Count and the health promotion agendait… Continue reading Invite me to speak to your team

Health and wellbeing: inclusive cycling interventions

I was delighted and privileged to be asked to give a presentation on inclusive cycling by the SHOUT Team at Sheffield Hallam University.  Together with Steve Rowbery, a cyclist at Sheffield Cycling for All, we showed how occupational therapists and other health professionals could use it as another option when working with clients, patients and… Continue reading Health and wellbeing: inclusive cycling interventions