Need a non-standard saddle?

An occupational therapist asked me about a saddle for a client who had sustained a fractured pelvis. Her client was currently using a cushion on her regular bicycle. I did a shout out on twitter and asked some friends who are knowledgeable about equipment and these are the saddles and ideas they suggested. Bearing in mind each person will have their own needs, here are their answers. I’m sure there are others – let me know of any you have.

“Standard saddles are good”

One colleague said “In my opinion you can’t beat a decent saddle that matches your sit bones. I’m not a physiotherapist but I really don’t see how a really wide saddle will help. I had a colleague who smashed his pelvis on two occasions and each time he resumed cycling on his usual saddle.

A classic “Brooks” leather saddle.

  Screenshot 2018-10-01 at 17.41.53©Wiggle

A Brand-X comfort saddle

Screenshot 2018-10-01 at 17.40.58©Wiggle

And from @2_Wheeled_Wolf (“Returnee to cycling with disability, continue to cycle despite disability getting worse to try stay off sticks.”)  “The Brooks new Cambium saddle is lovely for legs & the rear that’s sensitive to pain. Have 2 & comfy from the first ride too as no wearing in required.”

Screenshot 2018-10-02 at 10.24.15

Crank Forward seats

“Wide saddles (seats) are available on Crank Forward or Feet Forward bikes, I had a RANS Crank Forward for a while and as well as a wide seat it benefits from being able to get both feet flat on the ground while seated and provides a surprisingly good workout for your core muscles. I found the wide seat excruciatingly uncomfortable but many people love them!”

Here’s an example Crank Forward bike.


You can visit RANS Crank Forward bikes and also check out Seats in the menu.

The moon saddle

The Moon saddle has been designed to deal with a range of conditions.

My colleague said “This provides a very different riding experience compared to a nosed saddle and they’re difficult to get hold of – most people find it difficult to adjust to”.


The Spider-flex saddle

This saddle supplier was suggested by tweet.


Here’s the link to Spiderflex.

Electra saddles

@2_Wheeled_Wolf also recommends saddles from Electra bikes. Here’s an extra large one. Check others on their website.

Screenshot 2018-10-02 at 10.40.43

Using a recumbent

A recumbent usually has more of a bucket shaped seat so spreading pressure across the pelvis and lower back. Here’s one example from IceTrikes.

Screenshot 2018-10-01 at 17.29.23

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  1. […] For some patients with bariatric care needs, using a bicycle may not be suitable and trikes might offer an alternative, potentially carrying greater weight and having a more comfortable saddle. None of the OTs I spoke to had access to a trike but you could talk to a local inclusive cycle hub to see if they are able to help. Different saddles to the style usually found on bicycles are also available.  […]


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